Wednesday, 19 January 2011

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You may be aware, as per this post, of the array of kittie-photos on top of the TV cabinet - the full set currently comprises Todal, Golux, Ounce and the late, lamented Fish. Discerning witterers will immediately note the absence of Hobbit, which is because (a) I don't have another one of those frames, and (b) I don't take sufficiently good photos to have one I'd be happy displaying in that august company. (None of them are by me). The Evil Landlord is promising to make me a fifth frame "sometime in the next two years", which at least starts to address (a), and (b) had its hash summarily settled this weekend, when [ profile] maxbarners of photographic legend and song came around for a Hobbit-focused photoshoot.

I now have 41 Hobbit photos, any one of which would rather more than adequately fill the currently notional fifth frame. This is clearly a tribute to the skill of the photographer, but the sad truth is that I also have a ridiculously photogenic cat. He's cute! He's goofy!

He's really quite devastatingly beautiful. (This one's going onto the TV cabinet).

And he badly needs a LOLcat caption.

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