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I have just discovered Irkafirka, courtesy of James Blue Cat's comfortable owl - it's a site which randomly draws pictures illustrating particularly odd and wayward random tweets. This one has just reminded me out of the blue of the Very Odd Dream I had last night about zombie arms. I think I may have been trapped in a sort of Sheridan-Lefanuesque haunted house, where people kept disappearing bloodily, including the portly older guy who went out to the outhouse, and the cute young babysitter. The slightly creepy Victorian-clad mistress of the mansion was able to keep track of who was alive and who was dead by reading a rack of blue, rotting, wrenched-off zombie arms she happened to have, possibly on a principle not unrelated to the I Ching and yarrow stalks. This caused me (who was for some reason a four-year-old child at the time) to realise that in fact she and her portly husband were the actual killers, and I cunningly hid in the roof to escape them. Fortunately I phoned the police - or possibly a posse of blonde Scooby-Doo-style investigative teens - before I did so, and they arrived just as I fell through the ceiling.

Why, yes, I am still walking in my sleep. Last night there was a giant steampunk button on the wall opposite my bed that I'd stupidly neglected to push weeks ago, and now everything I'd done didn't count.

I actually meant to post today just to show you how pretty the setting full moon was over the mountain yesterday morning. Because it was.

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