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Sunday, 14 April 2013 12:06 pm
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Sunday is apparently all about creative and unlikely juxtapositions, or weird genre collaborations, although in the strictest possible terms I don't think you can actually count a manatee as a genre. Nonetheless! Just because, or at the very least just because they poke beautiful fun at superhero body-fetishism and are also incidentally cute, superheroes as manatees!

Captain Amanatee is my favourite, although the name isn't nearly as funny as Batmanatee. Iron Manatee is surprisingly svelte.

On a not entirely unrelated note, at least by processes of bizarre genre-bending theme, have an alt-country cover of the Sisters of Mercy's "This Corrosion". It's oddly laid-back and melodic, and nicely deconstructs the lushly self-indulgent Goth sprawl of the original.

This public service message brought to you by the Movement for Lateral Sundays, or possibly the Moving Very Little For Lateral Sundays, on account of how I had a week full of students with dead parents and drug addictions and bouts of weeping, followed by curriculum talks to the seething hordes at Open Day, and am somewhat dead.


Sunday, 12 June 2011 12:27 pm
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I'm still all wibbly and glandular from the sinus infection, and am moreover wading through third-year exam marking on internet eroticism. The gazelles are being thoughtful and articulate about Facebook, and betray woeful ignorance about even the most basic features of Twitter. I thought it was the young folk who were supposed to grativate to the attention-deficit stuff. Odd. Anyway, as a result of all of the above I have very little brain, so this post is a bit towards the random linkery side of things.

  • We had a truly lovely meal on Thursday night, at Park's Menu, the Korean restaurant in Durban Rd. My Salty Cracker review is here. They are criminally underattended, the place was almost empty, and it's tragic, because the food is excellent and the vibe is wonderful. Go ye forth, all ye local witterers, and dine there often. It's also ridiculously good value for money.

  • Just for [ profile] first_fallen, Say It With Llamas. Llamas are oddly adorable.

  • Lev Grossman in defence of genre. He makes intelligent points. I hadn't put two and two together about the Modernists, but I can absolutely see it, they were instrumental in creating that sense that story and genre are illegitimate literary pursuits. It strikes me that this is probably why I never liked the Modernists.

  • MicFic is coming to an end, so this is my last one. I am sad. While the discipline of a short piece every two weeks has brought my various Godzilla-like hang-ups about writing bounding out of the woodwork beating their chests, I've also enjoyed it and it's been very good for me. Woe.

Tonight the Usual Suspects, in the safety and comfort of our kitchen, are going to try and concoct something resembling crispy Chinese duck with pancakes. Don't try this at home, kids.
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Woe is me! Have stampeded madly through three seasons of Smallville with only occasional pauses to shake my tiny fist at the asinine stupidity of the scriptwriters, and have reached a sudden forced hiatus owing to the weird fact that Season 4 is unaccountably unavailable from any outlet I can find, including the local online ones. (1-3 and 5-8 are cluttering the shelves). I'm gently revolving a theory that the season does something that utterly offends the sensibilities of a more than usually cuckoo cult somewhere, and their Seekrit Operatives have nobbled all extant copies. If it's the season in which Clark finally gets the hell over himself and tells Lana his Big Seekrit, I'll be extremely miffed. The push-me-pull-you irresolution of their relationship is driving me nuts. Lex, however, still rules.

Anyway. I'd be more ashamed of my predilection for junky teen television if it weren't for the fact that watching it has vouchsafed me an insight - interestingly, in conjunction with critting the micfics of my fellow micficcers. Apparently, in sharp contradistinction to the bulk of my fellow lit professionals, I follow a reasonably consistent principle of responding to texts, at least initially, on their own terms. If they're trying to be lemon curd tartlets I shall not waste my energy and opinionated breath in deploring their failure to be a hearty three-course meal, or an exquisite nouvelle confection involving caviar. MicFics are all over the show, but a quick analysis shows that I'm far more likely to nitpick issues of language than to take issue with the writer's choice of tone or genre. If that's what they want to do, I'll go with the flow. Likewise, Smallville is fun as teen superhero television. Castle is good-natured personality-driven detective fluff. (And the recent meta episode with the actress playing Nikki Heat was enormously good fun). Vampire Diaries is teen vampire television with considerably more to it than Twilight, and a very hot cast.

It goes further, however. All of these guilty-passion TV shows are acceptable to me in their category because they're aware of their category; they're not trying to persuade us that they're anything more. Texts should know their place, basically. Even more importantly, they frequently nod to their own identity, traditions and clichés with a certain amount of irony and occasional deliberate inversion. I am a sucker for irony. Self-conscious genre play makes me ridiculously happy.

All of which is an extremely laboured lead-in to the simple fact that I just caught myself laughing like a loon at Rodrigo y Gabriela's semi-flamenco guitar cover of "Stairway to Heaven". Clearly I'm enough of a music geek to LOL at musical jokes, but see self-conscious genre play, above. They also cover Metallica. Hee.

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