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September! My Star Wars calendar for this month features Yoda, which has to be an omen of somethingorother. Also, although possibly unrelated to Yoda in any way, today is [ profile] wolverine_nun's birthday. Happy Birthday, [ profile] wolverine_nun!

I've just finished watching Season 2 of Doctor Who, and have to say how much I liked the finale. Apart from delirious scenes of gratuitous bad-guy suction disposal, the episode brought to a thoroughly satisfying close the season's emotional resonances, which were delicate enough that it would have been very easy to stuff them up completely.

The relationship between the Doctor and his... um, lovely assistants is always a bit dodgy to delineate. While Rose clearly has the standard giant-sized crush on him, his responses are rather interestingly layered: by definition, he cannot form anything like an actual romantic bond with said ladies, on account of how it's rather depressing for an immortal Timelord to watch the poor wenches decay and fall. But, although one-sided, it's a valid emotional bond nonetheless. The only thing that seems to make indefinite and unlimited Tardis-travel bearable for the poor sod is the fact that he has the chance to experience the universe continually anew through the naive eyes of his travelling companions. Without that the whole epic slog must get a bit stale. Rose has to go: she's not only getting clingy, she's seen too much to be a viable filter for any sort of surprised delight.

It interests me to watch how the two different actors have played the Doctor: both have judged rather nicely, I think, the nuances of interaction which dictate that their response to Rose is emotional and intellectual, at times even physical, but never actually sexual. Quite a feat, given the considerable physical energy of their respective screen presences.

I have to add - the closing few shots of the last episode have plugged straight into one of the major obsessions in my fangirly perve tendencies - ye gods, but David Tennant has the most incredibly beautiful hands.

(More oo-er - I didn't notice when LJ started putting the tag list down the sidebar, but I definitely approve. 's cool. And means I may actually remember them. Tags that one invents on the spur of the moment are curiously pointless, although I don't propose to let that get in the way of the considerable pleasure of randomly inventing them anyway.)

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